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Proofreading tips and symbols for supervisors

Proofreading tips and symbols for supervisors This post answers a request from supervisors at the Department of Science, Information Technology, Information and the Arts (DSITIA) who were looking for tips on proofreading for their teams. I hope it helps! Many people spend a long time writing a first draft of their documents and five minutes […]

Write instructions or procedures

Instructions When you’re writing instructions or procedures, remember that your readers are just like you: they hate reading instructions. Mostly they are reading them just before they need to use them. They may be feeling anxious or they may be in a hurry. So you need to write your instructions clearly — and briefly. Here […]

Watch your tenses

When people with English as their first language ask me for help with tenses, it usually means they have been corrected at work for switching tenses. For example, they have switched from past to present tense in one sentence like this: When I wrote this sentence, I am thinking of something else. So the writer […]